My Background

I came from corporate collections prior to joining the financial services industry, and what was really lacking were long-term relationships with real people. Now every new client brings a unique set of challenges, and a new set of goals. This is what I appreciate most about what I do. I'm not particularly passionate about financial products. But I am exceptionally interested in people and helping.

There are many moving parts to managing the ins & outs of your finances, and that can be daunting. What would your future look like if you worked with a financial and insurance professional who had an intimate understanding of you, your family, and your business, and created a strategy that works best to your unique situation? More importantly, how would you feel?

SOAP Note Financial & Insurance Solutions helps people with money, protect their assets. It took me years to put that into words; early in my career, my role wasn't all that clear to me. I've come to understand my job is to listen. I've also come to understand that what isn't said, can be more important than what is.